A Day in the Life of Kenall

Your humble editor has always thought of Kenall as a Vandal-Resistant type of company. I spent the day with Kenall earlier this month and learned that they are much more. Same rules were in place for Kenall that were in place for my visit with Hubbell. I have the right to speak to any employee regarding any subject at any time during the visit.

Advanced Football Stadium Lights by Ephesus

When two teams square off for the NFL championship on February 4, they’ll compete under the bright lights of Minnesota’s U.S. Bank Stadium, the first major sports facility to use LED lighting from the outset. As a result, players and fans — including 66,200 watching in person and millions more watching on high-definition television — will experience a big game unlike any of the previous 51 editions.

EATON’s Corelite Divide Suspended LED

Corelite has reinvented itself with the introduction of the DIVIDE series powered by Eaton’s Wavestream LED technology. The series features a complete family of recessed, suspended, surface, and wall mounted luminaires. A modern and low profile design is taken to a whole new level with functionally engineered features for practical use. Learn more about the…